Rooibos tea

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Rooibos tea

Indlægaf ducati » 19. feb 2015 20:53

Hej med jer.

Læste dette indslag på Facebook. Er der nogen, der har erfaring med denne rooibos te? :skaal:


This is the important part in that for fishkeeping we are interested in the plant phenolic compounds which act as antioxidants, and at the same time that act as antibacterial components. We have had a lot of discussions in the past about the benefits of humic acids on altum keeping and humic acids are the same as plant phenolics, so this is what everyone has been using already. Oak leaves contain a lot of the plant phenolic called quercetin (derived from the Latin name for the oak tree, Quercus robur) and rooibos also contains some quercetin and the compound aspalathin, which is closely related to quercetin.

Other benefits that are coming from research conducted by colleagues of mine in the Biochemistry Department at the University of XXX, that I work in, are that rooibos has natural stress relieving properties and we all know that altums are exposed to significant stress during transport and during initial adaptation to aquariums. I can inform you from my knowledge in the immunology field that stress inhibits the ability of the immune system to fight disease, so if you can reduce stress, then that would have major advantages for the immune system thereby fighting disease.

So, rooibos tea potentially has major advantages for fishkeeping,.....
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Re: Rooibos tea

Indlægaf Bryggeren » 2. mar 2015 11:40

nope, men lyder spændende
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